what are you doing right now?


i'm batman


i want to drink beer out of john gibbons' empty skull.

i went to get my eyes tested today, a rather boring afternoon task if you ask me. i don't know if it was while i was getting my eyes tested, or on my way home afterwards that i realized that i'm actually enjoying my time at home. either way, the simple ho-hum everyday tasks that i've been doing since the beginning of this month have brought me a lot of joy. sure, i'm bored most days, but that is an easy fix (for the most part), and every time i try to get my head back into tour mode i become very easily distracted and forget about what it was i was thinking about in the first place. hopefully this break is what i really needed to enjoy my job again, and hopefully europe doesn't bum me out this time around.

the bluejays have been frustrating as all hell to watch this year. when they don't try to do too much and just play small ball, they produce a lot of runs and are an extremely exciting team to watch. whey they try to pound the ball out of the yard, it's boring... and they don't score. yes, they've got a running game this year which is great to see... but if you're not accomplishing the simple tasks then what's the point? don't show up to the park. i know blaming the coach is a bullshit move, but what else can you do when your team isn't hitting?


spring cleaning

it took the better part of the day, but i finally got a new layout all figured out for this thing.


öh ÿäh!

[x] drunk
[x] tired