aschaffenburg on saturday.
last show on sunday.
home on monday.
rage on tim hortons tuesday.
carly on wednesday.


see you in hell england!

dear england,

you're old, shitty, and everything about you sucks. resturants close at 1800h (that's 6:00pm for us normal folks), not that i wanted to eat there anyways since all the food is awful and overpriced. most of the people are a) dumb, b) lazy, c) have poor hygene. also, stop asking me if i'm alright. it's annoying. i know that i'm not the only person who feels this way either... hell, even the sun doesn't like you! it seems that it has left you dozens of years ago. so do the world a favour and sink. i don't care how you do it, or when you do it, just sink.

sincerely, kevin.