i need a change.
something, anything.



hey, everything's great.
yah, everything's fine.


let's go!

i really don't understand how some days seem to go by faster than others. i suppose that there are many factors involved in this, but i still don't get it. for example, when i play videogames i can really just lose myself in the game for hours and not even realize it. one's perception of time is a really strange thing... right about now i'd like to play video games for days, just so i can get home "faster".

australia: amazing weather, and an even better time. set your goals was a ton of fun to hang out with.
japan: total culture shock (again)... i swear that if i never do another sake bomb again, it'll be too soon.
vancouver days off: drank a lot... very fuzzy
victoria: hung over.
vancouver: best first show of a tour ever. had dinner with some cousins i never get to see, it was nice.
revelstoke: shitty weather, shitty food, beautiful scenery.
edmonton: -50c was too much for me to handle, it was honestly too cold to think.
calgary: i like this venue a lot.
saskatoon - winnipeg: need to go by fast... i miss my stupid girlfriend.