1] kristen bell
2] sandra bullock
3] tina fey
4] jenna fischer
5] kate beckinsdale


get ready for this!

01] SCORPIONS - rock you like a hurricaine
02] WINGER - seventeen
03] DAVID LEE ROTH - yankee rose
04] WARRANT - cherry pie
05] POISON - every rose has it's thorn
06] WHITESNAKE - slide it in
07] VAN HALEN - panama
08] LOVERBOY - working for the weekend
09] MOTLEY CRUE - shout at the devil
10] DEF LEPPARD - pour some sugar on me
11] SKID ROW - youth gone wild
12] CINDERELLA - nobody's fool
13] GUNS N' ROSES - sweet child o' mine
14] RATT - round and round
15] WHITESNAKE - here i go again
16] SKID ROW - 18 and life


let's die while we're young!

1] i've been in europe since wednesday now, and it hasn't been too bad so far. i've been doing a really good job of saving money over here and hopefully i can come home with a bit of money to help pay of my credit cards with... or replace the ipod that i lost on the first day, that'd be nice. even though i've been somewhat enjoying myself, i'd still like to get the fuck out of here and go back home.

2] the new wilhelm scream has been on repeat on my ipod since we got to europe. it's got everything that i could possibly want in a record: double-time, swearing, and lots of shit talking. it's perfect. kudos to them for writing such a masterpiece.

3] alpha, bananas, cupcake, draft, excellent, fruit, ghost, house, iTunes, jPod, kick, lemons, mix, night, open, podcast, queen, rough, sex, toqué, uterus, vixen, white, xxx, yellow, zebra.



euope for a month! most people would be excited, but i am not. weird food, different languages, and an unexplainable sense of lonliness. i feel that if i was able to go to europe on my own terms, and visit the places that really interested me, then i'd be down. maybe one of the ways for me to try and keep my sanity this time around is to try and get out a little bit more, or to actually read the books that i've packed with me... or at least to watch veronica mars season 3. that certainly seems a lot more likely to me.


standing up.

stand up > fall down > get crushed.