pinpoint the shift.

we're half way done our european tour and i couldn't be any happier. the "give it a name" dates were fun, and i really enjoyed hanging out with the strike guys again. they told me that they're going to be playing toronto a couple of days after we get home, so that really gives me something to look forward to when i get back. as sad as it was for those shows to finish up, it meant that we were meeting up with german hardcore superhero's, and some of the nicest guys i've ever met: today forever. we've played 3 shows so far with them and i'm really excited to be together with them for another 10 days or so. i really can't help but smile when they're playing because they're truly enjoying themselves and having fun with what they're doing, and i think that far too often people forget that that's what music is all about.

in my spare time on this tour i've made some bitchin' new backgrounds for my blackberry, and it's been fun changing it up every couple of days... it really is amazing what amuses me these days. i also was able to pick up the big lebowski while we were in england, so now i can watch it ANYWHERE in the world since their dvd's cover pretty much everywhere that canada/us dvd's don't. i've also picked up a few small things for carly, and i'm beyond excited to get home to her. we're going to boston for independence day and then taking a day or two to drive home since neither of us really has anything going on that week. hopefully she likes what i've picked up for her on this trip!

tomorrow, we drive all day, and we should be getting into paris around 8:30pm. i'm looking forward to doing some sight seeing while we're there.


Blogger carly righteous said...

I sure hope my present is a miniature french emu named Henry.... I have my fingers crossed!

25 May 2008 at 08:58  

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