dear blogger,

you came into my life at the right time and replaced my friend livejournal. your interface was simpler, and much easier to navigate. unfortunately, i've met someone new. i'm sorry to have to do this like this, but i just couldn't go on living with myself if i didn't tell you. what drove me to this? well, the same things that drove me to you, a simpler interface. please don't try to contact me. it's you, not me.

sincerely, justkvn

ps. if you feel the need to still know about my life, redirect yourself to: http://justkvn.tumblr.com



when did all my friends start loving sports? i'm not upset by this at all, it actually puts a huge smile on my face, however the bills reaffirming themselves as class-a choke artists this year does not... it should be us with the wild-card, not the ravens (katietothemax!). oh well, at least i've still got the sabres, right?



sure,why not?


whiskeycup! the best / worst / best game ever

find a partner to play this game with! now, fill one cup up with whiskey and another one up with ginger ale. drink the "whiskeycup" until you can't drink anymore. pass the whiskey cup to player two and drink the "gingercup". player two repeats the steps. the game ends when the whiskey cup is empty. the winner is the first one to throw up. fun for the whole family!

thank you katiebrown for introducing this game to me.


watch it all burn away

tonight i find myself wondering what some old friends are up to these days. where they're living, what they're doing for work or school, if they're happy, if they wonder what i'm up to? i had a couple of friends that i would go and hang out with whenever i'd get home from tour, but somewhere along the line i think we grew apart. in the last few days i've run into some people that i hadn't really talked to in a year or so, and it made me think about how i let some really good friends "sneak" away from me. that if things had turned out differently, then i have no idea where i'd be right now? i know that i've changed a lot over the last three years, and i'm sure that they have too.


two fotos?

here are two pictures i took in paris that i really liked.


stockholm syndrome

Watching the world drift by while you're on a boat is very interesting. It seems like you're moving very slowly, but before you know it the scenery has changed and there's something new to look at... something that seems so familiar and safe, yet so strange and exotic.

Its now less than a week until I'm home and I can't wait to hold a certain someone in my arms while we drift off to sleep together. Just the thought of that right now is very intoxicating.

I've been having some very strange dreams as of late, I'm going to blame the poor sleep pattern that I've developed as well as the two ferry rides.